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Working to bring a real gaming experience to life through highly interactive and rich featured 2D/3D games. All we aim is to power your mobile phones and tablets with additive gameplays, amazing interfaces, and unreal quests to experience one-of-a-kind gaming app.

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The best game developers calling unreal gaming concepts into action!

Ranging from gamification to creating linear, 2D animated and high-action, UI-rich 3D graphics from scratch, clients get to acquire highly engaging gaming apps for their business purposes. Thanks to the never-ending creativity of our game development and simulation experts, a single meeting is enough to conjure the idea for the next viral mobile game in the app stores. Read More

Thanks to the advancements in the mobile app business, the technology has given our developers ample opportunity to test their skills in the gaming world as well, and create exciting games for iOS, Android, Web and Consoles platforms. As people are spending more and more time with their smartphones and tablets,

apparently, they are looking for a genuine reason to justify their time investment. And our developers are aware that not only drawing, visual, scripting and programming, but presentation and storytelling skills are also equally important to create mind-blowing gaming apps for clients.

Character Development

Clients prefer developers who are well-versed not only with the game development and production process, but those who indulge in embedding interactive character journeys in the gameplay. The idea is to relate to the characters to the extent that the user starts to feel a part of the game over its run. Our developers focus on creating games with characters powerful enough to leave a lasting impact on the user. Read More

Is it the legendary Heihachi Mishima from the Tekken series, or an entirely new protagonist from the zombie-slaying The Walking Dead game? The depth of character development we see in truly commendable. Something that we constantly focus on

retaining the attention of the app users. In short, one-dimensional characters are a thing of the past, the characters we add in the gameplays have more depth, personality, and room for future growth.

VR-Based Experience

As virtual reality has become the hottest talk of the digital town, we have jumped on the scene to acquire the maximum potential still in store of the technology. Our developers are sure on how to lay the framework for future titles as well as revive the old titles back to their rightful place in the app stores. We make the users move beyond the conventional 3D, and witness a whole new gaming experience. Read More

You might be glued to BattleZ VR, Vanguard V, Wizard Academy VR, and other VR-based mobile games, but a top game development with Unity is all you need to shift your focus on the next emerging apps in the market. Experiencing virtual reality at its finest,

CMOLDS invests its creativity in creating multi-colored, immersive mobile games for both iOS and Android platforms. You just need to search “game development near me” and grab a headset to get ready for a mind-numbing, 2D/3D game with a genuine virtual reality experience.

“More-than-a-Game” Approach

Our developers on board possess a diverse set of experience, especially when it comes to mobile game development and technology. Clients get to acquire flawless, highly immersive mobile games developed through Unity3D, Unreal Engine, Open CV, Coco’s 2d and other powerful tools not only for gaming purposes, but for educational and corporate reasons as well. Read More

All we aim is to lure the users towards a richly-engaging and colorful experience never seen before. The games come with customized features and easily upgradable codes in order to leave the user wanting for more. Besides individuals, even businesses are encouraged to acquire apps as

mobile games offer a great opportunity to set positive brand experiences and associations. The examples of Pocket City, Prison Architect, Hipster CEO, etc. on both iOS and Android are perfect explanations of business simulations, city builders and other management things.

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Let’s talk about an enticing game design!

CMOLDS, a game app development company in CA, US is well-versed in creating iOS and Android-based gaming apps for all devices, platforms, and configurations. Now that the gaming industry is at the forefront of almost every thrilling visual experience today, it is our job to educate the individuals and businesses on considering the gamification elements of app development. Read More

Our developers employed are well-versed with theoretical and practical functionality of Unreal Engine, Unity, Corona SDK, Lumberyard, Buildbox, among other top gaming app development tools. Understandably, it is quite a task when it comes to acknowledging and catering the requirements of different platforms, configurations and environments for simplest

2D and complex, richly-animated 3D gamesBut our client-centric approach allows us to understand the core needs and preferences of their target market. Therefore, aesthetically-pleasing and platform-independent mobile games are built on the fundamental guidelines for mobile game design and development.

An enthralling game development and design catering your business type

CMOLDS provide highly innovative game development services that extend beyond the imagination and use of hardcore gamers and into the business sector as well. Understanding that each client comes with his/her own business scope, budget, market value, and value proposition requirements, CMOLDS believes that the gaming technology still has just scratched the surface, while our developers are just getting their creative buds ready to launch the next Flappy Bird, Angry Birds, etc. in the iOS and Android app stores.



CMOLDS understands the concerns and frustrations of every startup looking to gain some solid ground in a challenging global environment. Apparently, the prospect of acquiring a gaming app at this level might seem too expensive. But when you hire the right developers with the right skillset, obtaining a simple, yet highly engaging and powerful mobile game is no big thing. Read More

Given the competitive reputation of mobile games in the ios and android stores culture, we are also breaking the stereotype that small businesses cannot exceed in an increasingly congested gaming culture. In other words, game development with swift,

or game development with react native is all you need to gamify your operational procedures unlike ever before. Hence, working with our one of our game programmers and strategist is all you need to uplift your brand name and recognition in the industry through a comprehensive set of mobile gaming solutions.


Mid-Sized Firms

We make mid-sized companies realize the worth and scope of their resources and business by educating them on the potential of gamification. You might have a decent marketing campaign going through social media or any other medium, but that extra engagement is always there to allow your target market reach you in a never-seen-before manner. Read More

You might already be satisfied with an average performing marketing campaign, employee engagement material, customer review channel, and other day-to-day minutiae. But the incorporation of the right gaming elements including pixel-perfect design, rich animations, extensive quests, interactive gameplay, and seamless movement of your favorite characters is going to do wonders.

Given your moderate budget and extent of your business portfolio, we guarantee you a smooth game development process to ensure that you remain updated at all times, and be able to witness the real gamification of your operational procedures.


Established Enterprises

Last, comes the big shots of the industry who already have their plates filled in terms of numerous clients and revenue generation streams. But our master-level expertise in various game development tools including unity, unreal engine, project anarchy, etc. Makes us the leading favorites for established companies to hire us. Read More

You might have a decades-old business putting you in the same voice as other top names in the global marketplace. But our genuine ios and android game development services are up for grabs for companies to experiment their new product line release, customer engagement criteria, company-wide survey, or even for user entertainment content.

Staying true to our “there-is-always-a-room-for-improvement” philosophy, our gaming enthusiasts and developers are well-aware of the fact that the field still has a lot to offer, either for entertainment, educational, business, or any other industry-specific purpose.

Who's My Mutter On Fox 2

Introducing New Ideas To The World Day In And Day Out

Our experts assisted Laura in designing and developing a world-class idea into a practical application that makes ends meet for puppy lovers all around USA along with assisting pet shelters.



What our valuable clients say


A year ago, I had the concept for the next killer app but no idea on how to make it a reality. Enter CMOLDS. They took the vision in my head and made BeePresent a functioning reality. In addition to creating a beautiful app, they developed all our artwork and logo which we now use on our website and for promotional items. Our account manager was always available—evenings and weekends—to solve and address any issues we had. CMOLDS was there every step of the way especially at the end when we struggled to gain App Store approval. They kept tweaking the app until we meet Apple’s strict guidelines. I would recommend CMOLDS to anyone looking to make their mobile application idea a reality.

Adam Zurn

App Owner (Bee Present)

CMOLDS did a fantastic job developing my mobile application. From the beginning it was a daunting task that they took and ran with. The team was there for me through the whole process and provided realistic timelines along the way. They built the first ever facial recognition software for dogs for my mobile app Who’s My Mutter?. The uniqueness of the idea and the software only helped to enhance their vision of how to make it happen. I would highly recommend CMOLDS to anyone looking to bring their mobile application ideas to life.

Laura Moulder

App Owner (Who's My Mutter)

CMOLDS developed my idea for a mobile application (Checked In) into reality. Their developers do more than just build applications, they are active participants in creating the best user experience possible and contribute a lot of creativity to the project. The process is easy. You give the team at CMOLDS a clear understanding of what you want, and then they send back story boards and a timeline with bench marks for expected deliverables. CMOLDS is professional, creative, and they work very hard to make your application perfect.

Brianne Casey

App Owner (Checked In)


High-octane action playing? Or streamlining a corporate process? You have it all covered under a classy mobile game app

CMOLDS comes as the perfect answer to “game developers near me” question, homing some of the best video game design specialists and coders with a healthy portfolio enlisted in the iOS and Android app stores. We are well-known to design and develop games protruding from all major genres using the most powerful development tools available. Read More

Developing a mobile gaming app is all about pure creativity without a hint of an already existing idea, storytelling elements, plot, character development, and other essentials. This is where the relentless work ethic and

expertise of CMOLDS steps in, demonstrating a proven record in other services as well including web development, software development, AR and VR solutions, mobile product strategy, and design consultancy.

CMOLDS prides itself on its mobile-first approach regardless of the project and custom requirements of its clients. The digital landscape is evolving rapidly, with online

users becoming desperate for not only quality, but entertaining content as well in the form of highly interactive, engaging games on their phones and tablets.

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From Unity to Phone Gap, our team of professional and diverse game development experts assists you in developing games for all of your favorite platforms. We’re game design and development experts that allow you to create results on any and every platform.

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Yes, you can! Our app and game development experts love to discuss the latest ideas with you. We are experienced professionals and for the safety of your game app idea, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with you. This way your idea is safe at all times.

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Yes, you can! Pictures can be deceiving and we want our customers to see exactly what we have in mind for their gaming application. This is one of the many reasons why we provide our customers with a working prototype that they can check properly before moving their business to CMOLDS.

Do you guys also provide free consultation?

Yes, we do. We provide game development and design consultation to our customers without costing a dime to them. We believe in ideas that work for the audiences and to help you nurture your idea, we provide excellent consultation absolutely free of cost.

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Now, that’s the question we’ve been waiting for! You can call us at +1.844.673.6849 to discuss when the call can be scheduled. Too busy for that? No problem, you can also email us at to discuss your idea and whenever you want us to call you.