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Serving application development service for more than a decade to the clientele of diverse business niches and custom requirements. CMOLDS stands firm as the most reliable android app development company in the USA.

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CMOLDS - A Leading Android Development Company

CMOLDS is home to Google Certified android app developers who are experienced enough to develop a fully functional and highly creative android app for all users. Our android application development comprises a creative design, operational development, and enhanced android software.

The app ground of the US is well aware of our technical expertise and hands-on experience of each of our android app developer that is affiliated with CMOLDS.

24/7 around the clock to grab their business success while they can through mind-boggling android application service from CMOLDS.

A Competitive Advantage

It is time to mark your name on Google Play Store. Giving you a competitive edge with our android development product. Which smoothens the post and promotion challenges of application platforms. Meeting your core app requirements and adding our expertise and creativity for your business vision adds to the whole ideology of your android app.

It takes more than just knowing the app development to provide your clients with a competitive edge. With the evolving tech arena, our clients are safe with their android app fully developed and equipped with modern yet engaging features to stay on top of the competition.

Custom Android Features

The R&D department plays a crucial role in shaping an application into perfection concerning the business grounds. There are some guidelines to be strictly followed for an android application which is keenly followed by one of our mobile developer who not only shapes your app according to guidelines but adds your customized features which set your application apart from your competition.

CMOLDS always entertains customization requests from its clientele. Whereas, we believe that every other android app development should be customized to showcase the specific client and their vision.

Post-Launch Perks

What happens after your android application is posted? Any plans? There might be chances that your app got hit by a bug, virus, or glitch at times due to XYZ reasons. The malware should never be underestimated.

Don’t worry! CMOLDS don’t leave your side in a glance. Our android app maintenance help will always be here for you. Not just that, CMOLDS adds the kind of features with the premium quality available for it to give you post-launch perks.

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We Love To Share Ideas!

CMOLDS is a mobile app design agency equipped with the required expertise and fluency to turn your business concept into a digital reality. Let it be in the form of a mobile application or a website, the execution and final output is simply flawless. Read More

The below stated case studies will give you an idea regarding our expertise, industries we cater, and the type of projects we have completed so far. We cover a wide array of industries including advertising, education and human resources,

gaming, healthcare and life sciences, travel and hospitality, software and high-tech development, real estate and property, financial services tools, ecommerce and retail business, transportation, sports, media and entertainment, and more.

Should You Opt For Mobile App Development Services?

When is the best time to consider an android app development company? Our experts know and are available to plan your way through it. We’ve been catering to an aspiring range of clientele from passionate entrepreneurs and startups, mid-sized companies with big dreams to growing enterprise.



The best time to opt for a mobile app development service is when you are on a starting edge. Why not start strategically and smartly? Our mobile app solutions are specifically designed upon the business niche, project timeframe, and client’s custom app ideologies.



We’ve been carefully creating business tools for mid-sized companies which are ready to take over their current competition with a fully developed custom mobile application showcasing their vision, plan, and services.



Our exclusive custom app results have taken over industry giants with a smooth ROI scale. Large firms are appreciating the premium AR/VR solutions, strategic development, and fulfilling commitments. From scratch of market research to a fine digital product in terms of a successful mobile application.


Introducing Creative Ideas To The World Every Now & Then

The professional team of CMOLDS assisted Laura with her application design and development envisioned upon a highly creative ideology. Her goal of make ends meets for all puppy lovers who are kind enough to have a special place in their life for these heavenly creatures all around the United States of America. A revolutionary pet shelter has a digital presence with CMOLDS web app development service opted by Laura.



Every Client Has An App Story To Tell

The testing system for mobile apps is quite strict at CMOLDS, and it is great. My iOS development went through several stages and QA phases at CMOLDS before it was handed over to me. I think they can pull off anything which relates to mobile devices.

Adam Zurn

App Owner – Fashion Industry

Mobile technologies are evolving, and their expertise is becoming rare. Thanks to my great instincts, I chose CMOLDS for testing my mobile application before it was executed. We have listed down the drawbacks on quality, and it was taken care of easily. The stages of testing mobile applications are complicated for a layman like me. Only the mobile technologies expert team would know it.

Laura Moulder

App Owner – Cleaning Industry

It is better to test native iOS and Android apps before you launch one. When the complete app is developed, it is better to test it before any regrets. The mobile experts sure know their work at CMOLDS. I am impressed with their functional testing mobile application approach. Quite transparent.

Brainne Casey

App Owner – Retail Industry


Empowering Your Business with a Smart Android App.

What sets your application apart? The question exists before an android application development. After the complete development process, it is all regrets. Do not worry! Because CMOLDS got your back now. We will help you perfect your app idea and get a developed application that sets your services or products to sound unique and out-of-the-box.

Our android app development team is famous for its smart coding across seas. We have been in the industry for over a decade and are highly focused on developing top-notch applications that serve the business purposes of all our clients.

Developing feature rick applications for all android users who are smart enough to shift with the evolving digital ocean. CMOLDS never disappoints a single custom android application design and development demand by any of their clients. Our business consultants carefully listen to your plans and then suggest a proper plan that suits your need, want, gap, niche, requirement, demands, and budget.

The affordability concerns of our clients are never neglected. We make sure to deliver perfection regardless of the chosen package. CMOLDS cares for its clientele as well as for its powerful app developers. We comprise a team that is highly qualified and carry 7+ years of experience in the android app domain

Offering nothing but expert android app solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Confused? It’s okay. Big decisions need clarity.
Consider going through some of our FAQs below to get the clarity that you desire.

How can I be sure that my android app idea is safe?

Our sales process includes a Non-Disclosure Agreement. An NDA is signed by CMOLDS that guarantees your android app idea is going nowhere. Even if you don’t continue your app journey with us, your idea will be perfectly safe by all means legally.

Who can answer my questions during the process of my android game application development?

You are assigned with a dedicated project manager at the start of your project. He/She will be responsible and capable enough to clear all your queries before, during, and even after the application launch.

What if I need a change or improvement in my application after it is launched?

Once your application is launched and handed over to you, CMOLDS holds no authorization over it. However, if you seek any changes or improvements, our experts can surely find a solution to help you.

Will my application idea be shared with everyone?

No, not at all. Your idea will be safe with the team working on your project. The team might include your project manager, designers, developers, consultants, and graphic experts.

How fast can my android app be developed?

Application development takes around three to nine months to be developed. The timeframe highly depends on the complexity, genre, type, and other features of the application. The fastest time would be a minimum of three months.