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Adding and editing powerful affirmations to uplift your spirit and confidence! Empowered aims to empower users by encouraging them to add relevant affirmations and mantras which will repeatedly play and ingrain those beliefs in their subconscious mind.

Create the most powerful playlist and listen for your mental wellbeing

Its time you carry the truly influential affirmations attached with you at all times! Empowered revitalizes your spirit every time you access the app through encouraging recordings and keep you spirited whenever needed.

A variety of options to create and mix your own positive mantras

Empowered, as the name suggests, is on course to revert you back to your original, desired self. Relevant and strong mantras are right in your pocket in every time of need.

A free, Android app that features easy-to-use recording options for the mental and emotional affirmation of every user

Empowered is now here to take you to the next level of motivation and encouragement at the hands of recording convenience.


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