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See all the special offers from your favorite stores within a single glance! A social media app that allows its users to connect with their interest-matched people and acquire quality offers on royalty basis.

A social media app uncovering the best offers as per your interests

Dijital incorporates a plethora of client-based social media features including authentication, business cards, connections, likes, comments, and prompt push notifications.

A plethora of features to connect you with the best people and offers available!

Dijital encourages its users to participate in the conversations surrounding various brands with enticing offers. See the trendiest buying options posted by stores yourself as per your allowed budget.

Purchasing in-demand products under a single umbrella

Dijital encapsulates something more than a typical social media app, elements that allow the users to view their favorite brands at one touch, and connect with related people without any hassle. This new addition in the App Store should be the next, instant download on your iOS devices.


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