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Cinderly is an image sharing social network that’s something like you’ve never seen before. Users can click their photos or upload it directly from their photo gallery.

Taking Animojis To The Next Level!!

Want to convey the intensity of your message? Use Cinderly. Want to show how much you like something? Don’t just like it, like it with Cinderly. With many fun, animated and sparkly stickers. Tell your friends in a way that is more fun than just plain simple text. Try our new Mermaid, Unicorn and alien and many more. Choose and make one your favorite to use it straight away. Every time!!

Beautiful Interface, Sparkling Animations

Don’t like the regular emoji’s? With over 20 animations to choose from you can convey your message with true feelings and emotions. With Cinderly the fun only ends with your creativity. Prepare yourself with the power of Superemojis and show your friends what they can’t do.

Up Your Game Of Messaging

The sticker app comes fully packed with quirky and fun stickers that can be used with iMessage to excite or annoy your friends. What’s more fun is that the stickers are not static. They animate to exhibit a true sentiment. Choose exploding stickers to take your messaging game to the next level.


Key Screens

The world is entering a new era driven by digital platforms and mobile is key to not getting left behind.

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