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CMOLDS’ Comprehensive App Development Services in Dubai

Android Apps

Android is the most popular operating system and has the leading marketplace for apps, games and other digital assets. With a market share of 71% of users, an Android app can greatly help you claim your chunk of revenue in the fastest growing mobile space.

As an experienced Android app development company in Dubai, we build robust native Android apps using sustainable and scalable technologies like Java and Kotlin, Android Studio and Android Software Development Kit.

Android app development company
IOS app development company

IOS Apps

As a prominent iOS app development company in Dubai, we thoroughly understand the buyer persona of iOS apps and so, build apps that deliver experiential value through high-end design, one-touch functionality, responsiveness and data security.

We build iOS – iPhone and iPad apps using Swift and Objective-C and Integrated Development Environments like Xcode.

Crossplatform Apps

Crossplatform apps present the ideal opportunity for businesses that want to develop apps for multiple devices with a single codebase. These apps are time-friendly and cost-efficient, which means you can spend for one app, launch for multiple platforms, test your market for revenue response and make scaling decisions accordingly.

The team of developers at CMOLDS uses official and critically acclaimed technologies for cross platform app development, including Flutter and React Native.

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Cross platform app development company

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Turning Ideas Into App Reality.

CMOLDS stands as one of the finest & renowned application development companies in all of the US. With our transparent approach of developing custom mobile applications for each idea that lands on our platform, we have a huge bulk of diverse mobile applications.

Who's My Mutter?

A top petfinder mobile app helping users find the right pet and its breed details in no time!

Checked In

Checked In is a reliable medical help finder that locates emergency rooms, books appointments

Stock Sensei

Stock Sensei is a stock market prediction app that allows users to stay connected with the stock exchange world and


A top petfinder mobile app helping users find the right pet and its breed details in no time!


An app for efficient warehouse inspections and quality control in food operations management.


Access economic news and insights from industry experts in a user-friendly and focused news app.



What Our Valuable Clients Say

A year ago, I had the concept for the next killer app but no idea on how to make it a reality. Enter CMOLDS. They took the vision in my head and made BeePresent a functioning reality. In addition to creating a beautiful app, they developed all our artwork and logo which we now use on our website and for promotional items. Our account manager was always available—evenings and weekends—to solve and address any issues we had. CMOLDS was there every step of the way especially at the end when we struggled to gain App Store approval. They kept tweaking the app until we meet Apple’s strict guidelines. I would recommend CMOLDS to anyone looking to make their mobile application idea a reality.

Adam Zurn

App Owner (Bee Present)

CMOLDS did a fantastic job developing my mobile application. From the beginning it was a daunting task that they took and ran with. The team was there for me through the whole process and provided realistic timelines along the way. They built the first ever facial recognition software for dogs for my mobile app Who’s My Mutter?. The uniqueness of the idea and the software only helped to enhance their vision of how to make it happen. I would highly recommend CMOLDS to anyone looking to bring their mobile application ideas to life.

Laura Moulder

App Owner (Who's My Mutter)

CMOLDS developed my idea for a mobile application (Checked In) into reality. Their developers do more than just build applications, they are active participants in creating the best user experience possible and contribute a lot of creativity to the project. The process is easy. You give the team at CMOLDS a clear understanding of what you want, and then they send back story boards and a timeline with bench marks for expected deliverables. CMOLDS is professional, creative, and they work very hard to make your application perfect.

Brianne Casey

App Owner (Checked In)

A Quick Rundown of Our Offerings in UAE’s App Development Space


Product Strategy

Strategy and consulting services at CMOLDS cover extensive research and development processes and consider factors like cost, monetization, differentiation and service focus. We closely understand our client’s vision and product goals, then come up with competitor analysis and product positioning.


App UI And UX

In UI and UX services, we offer design services for mobile app’s User Interface and User Experience. The UI UX design process establishes on app’s scope and pre-determined features and is followed by a comprehensive end user experience analysis.


App Code Review

If you already have a mobile app up and running and would like a quality check on its performance and functionality, our expert developers in UAE offer code review services and provide design and development consultancy for Android, IOS, cross platform and gaming apps.



Already got your prototype ready? CMOLDS can help you turn your wireframes into fully-functional products. We offer backend and frontend development, API integration, cloud native development, Android to iOS and iOS to Android conversions, testing and bug fixes.


Post-Launch Maintenance

Devices and technologies that your users interact with change and so do user demands. CMOLDS understands this evolving user behavior and demanding mobile experiences. To help businesses cope with the challenges of advancing tech, CMOLDS offers regular maintenance and updates with deliverables including performance audits, loading reviews, experience testing and quality assurance – all so your business can make the best of its digital asset.

Cutting Edge Mobile Apps for Diverse Industries

CMOLDS has a team of developers experienced in a broad range of industries. When we join hands with entrepreneurs and businesses in diverse sectors, we research thoroughly and adapt to industry standards, then create next-gen apps for the end users.


B2B Apps

Well-versed in B2B, CMOLDS has a special incubation hub that ideates, incubates and helps brave business solutions take off. We offer digital transformation consultancy, product strategy and full-cycle development services to businesses who want to hit the market big with their epic app concepts.


Ecommerce Apps

Around 1.8 billion people buy products and services online. This is a substantial customer base and you can choose to acquire a chunk from this segment. As an app development company in Dubai, we have witnessed small businesses going big with ecommerce apps including online shopping apps, CRM and inventory management portals, marketplace apps, and niche product apps.


Healthcare Apps

Healthcare applications like telemedicine apps, AI-based diagnosis apps, doctor appointment booking apps, calorie counters and pill reminders help increase remote access to services, and bridge the gap between healthcare demand and supply. We build medical apps using the most advanced technologies including machine learning for predictive analytics and Internet of Things for smart health management.


Real Estate Apps

Real estate is one of the fastest growing sectors in the UAE and has a strong potential for customer acquisition. CMOLDS has built real estate apps for such businesses and helped them pick and choose a mix of monetization strategies including listing and registration fees, brokerage commissions, featured realtor profiles and sponsored property-related content.


Fintech Apps

Fintech apps at CMOLDS feature highest standards of data privacy and security and allow automation of financial services like mobile banking. We develop apps that support diverse financial actions including investment recommendations, digital money transfers, budgeting, personal wealth and loan management.


Hospitality and Travel Apps

Tourism is a significant sector that commendably fuels other sectors in UAE, especially traveling and restaurants. We can make highly engaging and functionally strong travel apps, location tracking apps, restaurant apps and on-demand apps that help optimize B2C businesses.

The Alpha Team to Work With

We are proud of our people and processes because they make us who we are and contribute to what we do – solve business challenges for startups, solopreneurs, SMBs and enterprise-grade corporations with the finest mobile apps.

We are a team of 200+ creatives who are out to make an impact and add to the evolving technologies in UAE. We are designers, developers, software engineers, project managers and business leaders – we are DOERS!

Over years, we have become one of the top mobile app development companies in Dubai by mastering our development craft, improving with every new product we brought to reality and every new system we automated.

What’s more?

We are available round the clock for technical and business-side support.

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Fueling Digital Transformation Through Mobile App Development in Dubai

There are 5 strong reasons why businesses in UAE and around the world choose to investment in mobile applications. As an app development company in Dubai, we have witnessed mobile apps to become the digital frontiers of growth. While these serve as online outlets for retail businesses, you can use a business app to:

  • 1. Connect to your target audience
  • 2. Establish brand loyalty
  • 3. Increase your marketing outreach
  • 4. Advertise your services
  • 5. Scale your revenue
  • 6. Ad acquire customers

An App Development Company in Dubai That Loves Emerging Tech

AI and ML

We deploy machine learning algorithms to utilize complex databases – then train the software programs on trends and patterns to strengthen the problem-solving capabilities of our apps.


Or developers in UAE deploy IoT-enabled embedded systems in applications to support automations and secure smart systems.


Most blockchain systems that we have used in apps serve to verify profile identities and decentralize sensitive data.

Cloud Computing

Cloud is the front-runner in the digital space in Dubai and accelerates the performance of technical architectures threefold.

AR and VR

With virtual try-ons to immersive classroom experiences, CMOLDS has helped clients from diverse industrial sectors harness the interactive prowess of AR and VR environments.

Mobile App Development Process at CMOLDS Dubai

All consultancy and development projects at CMOLDS start with strong market research and robust planning. We have a holistic approach and follow agile methodologies to stay time and cost-efficient when delivering solutions.


Wireframing and Architectural Planning

Our app and web development architects then take over the project for Wireframing. Our team of experienced professionals researches the requirement of the project. Simultaneously working on the architectural plan allows us to lay down the complete architecture of the project; be it an application or a website.



Developers at CMOLDS start this stage with coding the frontend. This is the client-side that interacts directly with the end users. We then code the backend of the application, which is also the server-side, saves and fetches data. Development concludes with API integration and is forwarded for QA.



During deployment, we update and renew hosting services and servers, migrate app data, integrate the architecture with cloud. Then our marketing teams create appropriate text and visual content for listing on Google Play and App store. With marketplace approvals, the app goes live and makes its mark!



We start with discovery and work on feasibility reports during this stage. With strong competitor research, we analyze monetization strategies, allocate cost resources, calculate development hours and prepare scope of work.



The design phase typically starts with wireframing the basic goals of the app – then translated into features and app screens. We establish strong front-end ideas in this phase that establish the foundations of the mobile apps in the later stages of development.



We battle-test apps to identify any bugs and errors in the frontend and backend of the app. Quality assurance professionals assess the apps on different aspects including traffic load, multiple devices, data privacy and security and analysis accuracy.


Why Choose CMOLDS for App Development Services in Dubai?

When we say we are more than a mobile app development company in Dubai, we are also speaking for all the talented developers we have onboard, all the project managers who have been optimizing business delivery and all the brave clients with epic app ideas!

And our clients have solid reasons to choose us!

Firstly, we utilize the most modern tech stacks to design and develop best in class apps – all updated versions of programming languages, frameworks and libraries.

Secondly, we understand the kinds and sizes of businesses and tailor our development and consultancy services according to their challenges. This means CMOLDS has great offerings – on-point and in-budget solutions. We offer full-cycle as well as standalone development services – all packaged with efficient project management – so you do what you’re best at – your business!

Then, we love building business-centric apps – our favorite part is when these apps go out in the market and transform the business ecosystem for good! That’s why, we give strong thought process to apps when recommending the monetization models.

Want to know more reasons why you should consider working with CMOLDS?

Let us give you an insider look on working with literally one of the best mobile app development companies in UAE!

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There are several ways to launch an app in Dubai, but all approaches start with ideation and viability measurement. Potential entrepreneurs typically share their ideas with our business analysts, measure costs and estimate monetization figures. Then we decide ideal platforms and technology stack for development.
Followed by design and development of app, our testing professionals comment on the security and performance. The marketing department then prepares documentation for launch.

The cost of app development in Dubai depends on the complexity of the UI and UX, development timelines, number of features, the technology stack and the database requirements. For an exact estimate, we encourage you talk to a business development executive at CMOLDS.

As an app development company in UAE, CMOLDS offers full-cycle development services including product strategy, design, development, testing and deployment. We also offer code reviews, and post-launch maintenance.

It typically takes 250 development hours to complete a basic mobile app. These development hours increase depending on design and features.