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Mobile app development glossary

By Mobisoft Team In MGuide Posted April 18, 2016

You might find some technical terms highly confusing whenever you start mobile applications design or game development so find here the Cmolds Glossary which contained all the terms to help you out. This glossary is not only guided to app developers but provide a better understanding to managers, investors and decision makers for all those terms and phrases (jargon) which are frequently used in the app and game development industry

32-bit Vs 64-bit

The term bit always refers to the storage size and 64 bit is twice time more than that of 32 bit. The key difference in between 32 bit and 64 bit is that the 32-bit processor RAM is capable to handle the limited amount of data, while 64-bit can handle the same data faster and even twice time more.

App Store Optimization

ASO stands for 'App Store Optimization' is the process to optimize your mobile application just to make ranking higher in an app store's search results (like iTunes, Google Play, and Windows Store). The better app ranks in an app store's search result mean more visibility for potential customers in ultimate benefits of the app get more downloads. The term App Store Optimization (ASO) also refers as App Store Marketing and Mobile App SEO


It is a device (sensor) which is used to measure the acceleration of an object. Accelerometer is useful in determining the movement of a mobile device caused by any external force.

Adaptive Layout

Adaptive layout is a website layout that adjusts the site’s design and content for different sizes and dimensions.

Application Programming Interface (API)

API are the functions that specify how an application will interact with other components such as operating system, any external software, or other service.


Appcache or Application Cache allows an application to be cached and accessible offline.

Action bar

Action bar is a bar situated on the top of the screen carrying various tools that perform different important actions. For e.g. menu bar

Ad network mediation

Ad network mediation let you integrate and manage multiple ads in an app.


It is an advertisement-supported software that shows personalized ads on your device.

App Funnels

App funnel incorporates a series of connected in-app activities leading to the final action. It basically exhibits how a user interacts with the app.

App ID

An app is assigned a unique id on its deployment to the App Engine called App ID.

App Refactoring

App refactoring is a process of restructuring of existing code to improve its functionality and working.

App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization means optimizing your app ranking on the store to bring more traffic and generate more leads respectively. ASO is basically the SEO of an app where its search engine is that particular store you are optimizing the app on.

App update

App update is done to keep the app fresh and demanding. You will be notified to update your app as soon as the app developer adds new features or enhance the functionality of an existing feature or change the design of the app.


An AppStore is a portal where all the apps are available to be downloaded/purchased and used by the users.

Augmented reality

AR is a view of real world where computerized elements are superimposed to give a composite view of both physical world and computerized specimens.


Authentication is a process used by server where server access the data of the user to know who is accessing the website or a webpage.

Agile Development

Agile Development is an approach to deliver software products with iteration to evolve requirements and solutions.

Badge count

Badge count shows the number of the unread messages & emails, and missed calls.


Badges reflects new messages, push notifications, voicemails, and emails in iPhone. You can see the badge for each app in the upper right hand corner of that app.

Bluetooth Printing

Bluetooth printing is the process of wireless printing using wireless printers. It provides ease in printing as it doesn’t require any physical connection.


Bug is an error or a failure of code in a computer program.


Bluetooth is a wireless technology used for exchanging data over short distance i.e. 100m approx. You can share pictures, texts, videos, and documents using Bluetooth.

Business-to-Customer (B2C)

When a business produce a product for the consumer.

Business-to-Business (B2B)

When a business produce a product for another business.

Business-to-Employee (B2E)

When a business produce a product for the internal business use.


CDMA stands for Code-division Multiple Access - a technology for transmitting data through single transmission channel for multiple signals.


CDMA stands for Code-division Multiple Access - a technology for transmitting data through single transmission channel for multiple signals.


CDN stands for Content delivery network - a network of proxy servers distributed geographically along with their data centers. It deliver services for end-users to provide high availability and performance.


Charts are the pictorial representation of the data. They are used to deliver messages using graphs, symbols, and visuals.

Churn Rate

Churn Rate is the annual percentage rate at which an average customer stops subscribing to service.

Cloud apps

Cloud app is an app which isn’t physically present on the computer or a device but can be accessed using internet.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing means a network of hosted servers over the internet to store, retrieve, and process data which is not physically present on a device.

Crash reporting

Crash reporting is a report of crash details including types of crash, version of software and stack traces. This report is used to find and fix the error.

Cross platform App

Any app that can be accessed to use on multiple platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows is called Cross platform app.

Cross-platform mobile app development

The development of a cross platform app (can be used on multiple platforms) is called Cross platform mobile app development.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a hosting service provided to customers via multiple connected servers that comprise a cloud.


CMS stands for content management system – helps in the management of the creation, update, and distribution of the content.

Device API

Device API is an API for a specific mobile platform that allows the applications to access particular mobile hardware functionality.


Debugging is the process of identifying and fixing the errors in a code.

Development/Distribution certificate

Development certificate is used before installing an app whereas Distribution certificate is used before submitting an app to the app store.

Device compatibility

Device compatibility is the process of checking whether an app can correctly run on a device or not.

Device ID

Device ID is a unique id for each and every iOS and Android device.

Device orientations

Device Orientation is used to determine the orientation of the device in relation to the external forces.

Direct Manipulation

Direct manipulation means to let the user control the operation of the device directly without using any other device or intermediary.


Emulator is a hardware or software that enables host computer system to behave like guest computer system.


Encryption means to convert data into another form for privacy purposes. On the other hand, decryption of data means to convert the encoded data back into the readable text.

Environment sensors

Environment sensors sense the temperature and atmosphere around the device and keep it updated with the environment around.


Enterprise is a for-profit organization mostly run by an entrepreneur.


A person who takes the risk of starting a business originated from an idea.


It is a process of starting a new business to get financial profits in the future.

Feature Phone

A feature phone is a simple phone with limited functionalities like making a call, sending text messages, and using calculator. This phone lacks advanced features such as GPS, camera, internet etc.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

FTP is a protocol that transfers data from one content to another by means of the internet.


Firmware is a permanent software program that cannot be rewrite or updated. It offers basic operations of the device and is programmed into ROM.

Force update

Users get notified when a developer releases an update of an Android app. However, if the phone misses the new update for any reason – in such cases you can force update the app.

FPS (Frames Per Second)

Frames Per Second (FPS) is the measurement of a video resolution in time.


Gamification means to apply game-design elements in non-game context for digital marketing purposes.


GCM stands for Google Cloud Messaging. GCM aids in sending and receiving data from server to user’s device.

Google wallet

Google wallet lets you transact money using mobile device or desktop.


GPS stands for Global Positioning System used to determine the exact location of the device anywhere in the world.


GIS stands for Geographic Information System. It stores, manages, and presents all sort of geographical data.


HTML5 is the latest framework to design and develop websites on World Wide Web.

Hybrid app

Hybrid app is the combination of both Native and Web app that means a Hybrid app is build using HTML, CSS, and JS, and later wrapped in a native container to get native app characteristics.

Image processing

Image processing is the method of converting an image into digital form to improve its quality.


Intent is a messaging object that is used to request an action from another app component.

Interstitial Ads

Interstitial Ads are the kind of ads that takes full screen of the application and are displayed after specific intervals.


IoT is the abbreviation for Internet of Things - an arrangement of interrelated devices and physical objects with UIDs that exchange data without any human-to-human and human-to-machine interaction.


JNI stands for Java Native Interface –a programming framework to write Java native methods and embed Java virtual machine into native applications.


JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation is an open-standard file format to transmit data that is easy to read and write by human and process by machines.


KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator - way to measure how nicely an app has reached the business goals.

Live Chat

Live Chat is a form of customer support that lets you to communicate in real time with the targeted audience.

Local Notification

Local notification is a type of notification that can be sent without a server and is normally considered as a reminder or a local equivalent of a Push notification.

Location-based Services

Location-based Services are the services that work according to the physical location of the device.


MDM stands for Mobile Device Management - a security software used to secure, monitor, integrate and manage mobile devices. MDM secures mobile devices and ensures the productivity of the employees and that none of the policy gets breached.

Mobile Analytics

Mobile Analytics is used to measure full value of your app including app usage and app revenue.

Mobile Browsers

A web browser that operates on mobiles is called mobile browser.


MEAP stands for Mobile Enterprise Application Platform - incorporates products and services to develop mobile apps and supports multiple devices without needing the separate code for each device.

Mobility DisplayPort (MyDP)

MYdp aids in transferring of the mobile data on other devices screens using microUSB port.


Monetization is the process of converting an asset into money or legal tender. It is when you display ads on mobile devices and gain profit.

Motion sensors

Motion sensors are used to sense motion in mobile devices.

Multilingual support

Multilingual support is the process of providing content in different languages into the app.


MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product – an early version of a product to satisfy the basic need and demands of the customer.

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